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Baoli D-series provides appropriate diesel forklifts for standard as well as for long-lasting operations

Prague (Czech Republic), May 28th 2015 – Baoli Material Handling Europe increases the portfolio of its diesel forklifts introducing into the European market the standard D-series additionally to the “Plus” version. Both versions use the same platform for its practical and robust forklifts. However, there is differentiation in the layout. While the standard version offers competitively priced forklifts for normal applications, the D-series “Plus” provides the solution for challenging and multi-shift operations. Operators of D-series “Plus” benefit from more comfort resulting in more efficiency and less fatigue.

The additional features of D-series “Plus” include, for example, the electronic forward/reverse directional switch close to the steering wheel. The parking brake is pedal operated, whilst the standard version uses a hand operated parking system. The rear handrail of D-series “Plus” is made of rubber and includes a horn for immediate warning while reversing. Additional lighting, quality seat and additional features in the dashboard layout provide differentiation between the standard and “Plus” model.

„In all European countries there are requirements for diesel forklifts appropriate for standard as well as for multi-shift operations. So we will offer the Baoli D-series “Plus” as well as the standard version to all our distributors across Europe“, says Rory Harvey-Kelly, General Manager of Baoli Material Handling Europe. “All forklifts of D-series are built on a joint platform sharing the same footprint. This will enable our distributors to manage spare parts stock very efficiently. In addition, the technicians will easily understand to maintain and service both versions, since the main aspects such as chassis, mast, engine, transmission, drivers compartment and overhead guard are the same for both versions.”

Among the common features of the D-series standard as well as the Plus version is the easy accessibility of the engine space, because the hinge design enables the engine hood to be opened at right angle. Also both versions are available with the high performing Mitsubishi S4S engine.

Currently both versions are available with 2.5, 3 and 3.5 ton load capacities. Additional models will be launched later this year.

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