• Mark Gosling


Maxim has increased its Baoli stronghold and presence in the UK by adding both JAF Engineering and Trident Forklifts both operating in Yorkshire.

JAF Engineering, specializing in electric counter balance trucks located in Bradford has been a fantastic addition to the dealer network driving many Baoli sales in a very limited timeframe.

The family business and managing director are pleased to offer a well performing truck and range without the technical complications and expenses of many trucks on the market proving Baoli as the most preferred manufacturer of choice tailored to meet JAF’s business requirements. Working alongside Maxim key personnel has also been paramount in the decision to promote and sell the Baoli brand with a long term mutually beneficial working relationship in mind.

“We are very excited to join Maxim and the Baoli project as we see a very long term successful opportunity meeting the core requirements of my business”

Trident Forklifts based in Batley has been long connected with Baoli prior to the KION buyout in 2009 having purchased a couple of trucks and placed on the rental fleet. With the Baoli tucks being tried and tested; this gave the platform and confidence to partner Maxim GB in collectively driving the Baoli brand and product into new and established customers.

Trident benefits from the flexibility and ease of working with Maxim to suit its own needs as well as enjoying the uncomplicated and robust operation and reliability of the Baoli product.

“Promoting Baoli in new sales and into my customer base was an easy decision with my previous experience of the Baoli trucks which have served me well on my rental fleet”

We look forward to working closely with both new and welcome additions to the Maxim GB dealer network fortifying our position and strength in the UK.

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